7 Ways to Fix Hot and Cold Rooms

Does your home resemble the Goldilocks’ fairy tale—one room’s too hot, one’s too cold, while another is just right? You can put that fairy tale to bed by following a few simple tips: Check Filters for Cleanliness Keeping your filters clean improves your home’s air quality, increases your furnace’s efficiency, and extends the life

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When Should I Replace My Furnace?

This time of year, a warm and comfortable home is essential. It’s easy to forget about the furnace that makes that a reality for your home…until it stops working. Take a minute to think about your home’s fiery friend. How’s it doing? Is your house warm throughout and your energy bills in line with

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Refurbished and Reconditioned Appliances: Kitchen, Hot Water & More Need to replace your kitchen, water, or laundry appliances? As one of the largest independent appliance dealers in Denver, Day & Night Mechanical Solutions offers reconditioned and refurbished appliances that are as reliable as our trusted HVAC service. Reconditioned appliances perform as good as new, and are even

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Need a New System? Think Ductless.

If your heater or air conditioner has finally kicked the bucket, searching for a new system can be a lengthy process. But with winter right around the corner, you may not have as long as you need to find the perfect system. To help you narrow down a few great choices, we detail the benefits

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Denver’s Go-To HVAC Technicians

If you are looking for a replacement HVAC system, work with Denver’s top HVAC technicians to find the best system for your home needs. Fall is here and chilly weather is upon us! Now we are relying on our homes and our heaters to protect us from the elements. Don’t take your chances with a

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Your Thermostat and Energy Savings

What comes to mind when you think about saving money on heating and cooling costs? Maybe you think of shiny new appliances with massive price tags, or turning off the heater and shivering through the night? While most of us find these options unfavorable, there are a few simple ways to save on heating and cooling all year

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