Achieve balanced temperatures throughout your home with the latest HVAC technology. If you’re tired of a hot upstairs, cool entryway, or other uneven temperature issues in your home, it’s time to consider Flair Smart Vents, a smart thermostat, and other professionally installed HVAC components.

Understanding Flair Smart Vents

Flair Smart Vents are specifically designed to even out the temperatures in your home. They connect to a smartphone app and can be controlled manually or automatically. The goal is to redirect airflow in your central air system. A newly installed system uses the optimal ventilation design to provide even airflow, but older homes may not have a properly setup system. Instead of completely replacing your ductwork or living with hot and cold spots, these vents use baffles to control the amount of hot or cool air entering a particular room.

They can be used individually or as a whole-home system. Connect your flair vents with a programmable thermostat to enjoy even more energy efficiency and personalized control. Thanks to the Internet of Things, there are many benefits of programmable thermostats that you can enjoy. Sync your entire home to your smartphone for total control and geofencing convenience.

The Causes of Uneven Home Temperatures

As you look for solutions to remove cold spots or hot spots from your home in Denver, consider the causes of these uneven temperatures. These are some of the most common reasons you may be facing these issues:

  • Older homes: Modern homes are designed with ductwork to heat and cool evenly, but older homes may have relied on fireplaces and other solutions. Ductwork installed after a home was constructed may not be properly sized or designed for consistent airflow.
  • Major addition: Adding a number of additional rooms may create an uneven flow to your HVAC system. Be sure you’re working with an experienced HVAC team to identify these issues during construction.
  • Improper ductwork installation: DIY ductwork installation can easily leak to inconsistent temperatures. It takes a heating and air specialist to design an effective system.
  • Insufficient insulation: Your upstairs may be cooler than your downstairs due to a lack of insulation in the attic.
  • Improperly sealed windows or doors: Another major insulation issue, old doors, and windows can allow a significant amount of air to escape.

Other HVAC Solutions for Inconsistent Temperatures

Smart vents are one popular solution for upgrading your HVAC system. There are other innovative ways to create consistent temperatures and reduce your energy bills. Ask a qualified HVAC technician about installing a smart thermostat or ductless mini-split in your home.

Smart Thermostats

smart thermostat gives you programmable controls and loads of data. You can easily adjust the temperature in your home with the thermostat, your smartphone, or even your voice. Geofencing is a smart technology that automatically adjusts the thermostat as you leave or come near your home. Be sure to work with a licensed contractor to install a new thermostat. Check the compatibility of thermostat brands with your flair vents for a fully integrated system.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

ductless mini-split system is an alternative to adjusting your vents. Instead of redirecting the air through your ducts, a professional HVAC technician can install ductless heating and air system. These energy-efficient systems combine an air conditioner and heater. They can deliver cool or warm air directly to your chosen room, rather than trying to navigate a central air ductwork system.

Learn More About Smart Vents

Refresh your HVAC system with Day & Night Mechanical. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your HVAC system. We’ll work with you to weigh the pros and cons of smart vents, smart thermostats, and other state-of-the-art devices to eliminate hot and cold spots.