Keeping your cool when your air conditioning goes out in your home or business is hard to do in throes of summer. If your current air conditioner isn’t cooling the way you think it should be, it may be time to replace it.

How do I know if my unit needs to be repaired or replaced?

When working properly, air conditioners fade into the background of our everyday lives. However, when common warning signs—lack of cool air, limited air flow, moisture buildup, frequent cycles, bad odors, and strange sounds—start occurring, it’s time to bring in a certified A/C contractor. He or she can help you determine if your unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

When should I replace my air conditioner?

Most anything canbe repaired, but at some point it becomes financially prudent to replace it. Consider these points:

  • Age– A typical A/C unit has a life span of about 10 to 15 years. If your unit is acting up and it’s over 15 years old, the better option is to replace it.
  • Cost– Use this simple formula to determine if the repair cost is too high: multiply the estimated cost of the repair by the age of your unit (in years). If the result is more than the cost of a new unit, it’s time to replace your unit.
  • Energy Bills– If your energy bills keep rising but your electrical utility company hasn’t raised their rates, it may be time to replace your unit.
  • Efficiency– If you’re A/C is running all the time or some rooms feel hot no matter what you’ve set your thermostat to, it may be time to replace your unit. For more on balancing hot and cold rooms check out 7 Ways to Fix Hot and Cold Rooms
  • Refrigerant Type – To protect the ozone layer, the federal government mandated that Freon no longer be produced after January 2020. As the supply of Freon gets scarcer, the cost to recharge older A/C units still using it will increase significantly. If your current unit uses freon—commonly used in systems prior to 2004—it’s time to replace it.
  • Stage of Life– If you are retiring soon, the last thing you want to do is call for repairs each year on an old AC unit. Consider replacing the unit before you’re living on a fixed income.
  • Go with Your Gut – Sometimes you just knowwhat the right thing to do is. If you feel something’s just not right with your current unit, consider replacing it.

What are my options for new A/C equipment?

Thanks to new technology, today’s A/C systems use much less electricity when compared to older models. A new, high-efficiency air conditioning system you will save money on electricity bills each month while making your home more comfortable. Depending on your cooling needs, you can select from various units.

Another option is a ductless A/C system—also called a mini-split A/C system—that uses a thin copper pipe to pump refrigerant directly to a wall-mounted blower in a room. A Day & Night Mechanical certified technician can assess your cooling needs and recommend the right unit for your space.

How can I save money and/or finance a new A/C system?

Day & Night Mechanical partners with Xcel Energy to offer high-efficiency A/C units with qualifying rebates. For example, you could earn rebates up to $500 for A/C split systems and up to $300 for mini splits. In addition, financing options from Synchrony, AMS Financial, and FTL finance, online coupons, and senior and military discounts can further low the cost of a new A/C unit.

For the most up-to-date information on rebates and discounts and to request a free estimate in the Denver, Boulder, Brighton, Aurora, and surrounding areas, call Day & Night Mechanical Solutions at 303-936-2696.