Are you using the most efficient heating and cooling system? Whether you’re updating your home system, renovating an office space, or looking to improve your indoor air quality, it may be time for a ductless mini-split system. Learn more about these systems and their benefits from the largest Fujitsu mini-split installer in Denver, CO.

Your Fujitsu Elite Contractor in Colorado

Fujitsu is a leading mini-split system manufacturer. To effectively install and maintain their systems, they’ve created an Elite Contractors program for participating contractors to verify their expertise. As an Elite Contractor, Day & Night Mechanical Solutions is committed to the highest level of support and installation expertise. Our team has the experience you need to select the best ductless system for your particular situation. We also have years of experience troubleshooting and repairing systems to restore energy-efficient heating and cooling.

Being an Elite Contractor means we can help you receive a longer warranty on your heating and cooling system. Choose our team to install your residential or commercial system to receive a 12-year warranty on parts and compressor, rather than the standard 10-year warranty. We’re proud to have many other Fujitsu rankings that highlight our status as the largest installer in the Denver metropolitan area:

  • AIRSTAGE™ and AIRSTAGE™ J-Series trained
  • Fujitsu Premier Unitary
  • Halcyon™ trained
  • Consumer financing available

Benefits of Choosing a Ductless Mini-Split System

We’re a leading choice for mini-split installation, but why choose this HVAC option? Review the benefits of a ductless solution to see how it compares with traditional central heating and air setups.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A ducted system can result in as much as a 30% increase in energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Avoid forcing heated or cooled air through unconditioned spaces to enjoy reduced energy consumption. Another reason ductless systems can increase energy efficiency is through greater levels of control. Place individual units in key places around your home for dynamic climate control. Choose to heat your entire home uniformly or lower the temperature in rooms you’re not using to reduce energy usage.

All-in-One Climate Control

This HVAC unit combines a heater and air conditioner. It doesn’t require ductwork, creating a more convenient installation for a new build or remodeling project. Streamlined installation and maintenance tasks make it a convenient alternative to a gas furnace and central air conditioner.

Smart System

Smart thermostats are popular solutions to personalize your HVAC system and enjoy greater levels of control, but a ductless system comes with its own convenient control options. Choose a programmable system to reduce energy use and control your comfort level throughout your home or commercial space.

Quiet Operation

These systems are some of the quietest climate control options on the market. Fujitsu ductless systems in particular include a “quiet mode” feature for even less noise in your home.

Affordable Installation

Because you don’t need to worry about installing or maintaining ductwork, a ductless heater and air conditioner can be a particularly affordable option. Combine this with a long-lasting warranty, energy-efficient operation, and an Xcel Energy rebate on installation and you’ll enjoy a surprisingly affordable upgrade.

Request an Estimate From Day & Night Mechanical Solutions

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