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Refurbished and Reconditioned Appliances: Kitchen, Hot Water & More

washer and dryerNeed to replace your kitchen, water, or laundry appliances? As one of the largest independent appliance dealers in Denver, Day & Night Mechanical Solutions offers reconditioned and refurbished appliances that are as reliable as our trusted HVAC service. Reconditioned appliances perform as good as new, and are even better on your wallet!

Why Refurbished?

Reconditioned or refurbished appliances are simply appliances that have had certain parts replaced after being previously used, such as the motor or failing gaskets. These machines are then required to pass an extensive battery of tests to be labeled refurbished, and they are able to be installed and utilized once more at a large discount off the factory price of a new unit.

The expert technicians at Day & Night Mechanical specialize in installing and maintaining refurbished appliances, and we offer one of the largest selections of refurbished stoves, dishwashers, ranges, washers, dryers, A/Cs, heaters, and more. We do same day delivery, free estimates, and rapid repairs!